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Schweben Panzer

September 2, 2017 in Sci-fi

well, the WW2 never ended and technology development continued rapidly.
The hover tanks and particle weapons took the battlefield and everyone were going PEW PEW.

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8 responses to Schweben Panzer

  1. Interesting concept….must’ve been one helluva propulsion system to get that behemoth to hover, huh?

  2. Good grief! Hate to see one of these bearing down on me!

  3. One man’s kitbash is another man’s boobyhatch. You have on hell of an imagination, Matilja.

    Schweben, indeed….

  4. I’m not sure if these creation was invented because it really worked or was it because lots if modelbuilder were grewing tired of assembling those time consuming tracks.

    Anyhow the problem with that propulsion system should be no big deal….all you beed is just a proper Flux capacitor!, Now where did I put mine?

    Great idea and imagination, now who’s going to build that crawling ship?

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