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IBG 1/35 Quad Bofors anti-aircraft gun tractor

October 3, 2017 in Armor

My 2nd (and less stressful) IBG build. This kit went togerher very nicely compared to the Otter kit. This is a good size truck and will go nicely with the Bronco Bofor anti-aircraft gun kit when I finally get it. The biggest let down is that all the doors on the cab and the crew cabin at the back are all moulded closed, compared with the Otter that had every door and window flap moulded separate so they could be open or closed. Its pretty much straight out of the box except for a couple of bags and boxes from my spare box. I also had to use masking tape over the tarp at the back to give it texture as in the kit it’s moulded smooth and dosent look right like that.
Otherwise, it was a good easy build and looks quite good when finished.

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9 responses to IBG 1/35 Quad Bofors anti-aircraft gun tractor

  1. Carl, well done. Wonderful weathering. It has very realistic look.

  2. Well done – weathering looks very realistic. It’s an unusual subject as well.

  3. I’m with Greg. It looks as if you could get in and drive it off. Beautifully done weathering!

  4. Hello Carl,
    Excellent build of this Bedford gun tractor. Nicely weathered, especially the tires.
    I just recently got interested in these type of vehicles. Very interesting history and still a lot are in private hands (mostly the Bedford QL).
    Almost finished with the Bedford QL and Matador. On the box it reads Airfix 1976 RAF Refuelling set.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  5. Like the others have, nicely finished and weathered. Using masking tape for the tarp is a good idea, it gives it just that little bit of texture.

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