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New Collection of iModeler Apparel

October 11, 2017 in News

After the release of the basic shirt line some weeks ago, we’re proud to present our first collection of iModeler apparel.
Never before was it cooler to show that you like modeling and the more I think about it, clothes shopping in general has never been so easy before. Don’t be shocked this time, when you realise that your favorite T-Shirt won’t survive the next ten washes. Go to our shop and get some iModeler shirts today.

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18 responses to New Collection of iModeler Apparel

  1. Ok – NOW you’re getting creative. I’m holding out for this one:

    I’m not old, I’m just very creatively weathered!

  2. Just ordered myself another Tee…(I got the “stash” one) – I’m still waitin’ for the hats! 🙂

  3. My Stash is bigger than your – LOL classy!

  4. Can I have one that says I ❤️ P47’s
    …c’mon, someone had to say it.

  5. Tongue firmly in cheek, Craig. Personally, I’m signing up for a rivet counter T.

  6. Wow, these T shirts are cool, almost sth for the high street! Well done!

  7. They look great, I’d love to buy one (or maybe more) but, I can’t get the store to load here in China, either on my PC or on my iPhone. Any ideas?

    • George, this could be a temporary issue on Spreadshirt’s side – I am not aware of any fundamental problems between their system and China. Have you tried accessing both the EU and the US shop?

    • George, please drop me a PM with the tees you’d like to have and I will look-up shipping costs to forward them to you.
      I will in parallel contact Spreadhirt support to see whether the site is banned in China or something of the kind …

  8. Thanks for your replies. I’ve tried both sites and neither will load, there are some strange controls on the internet here, so that’s probably the reason. Thanks for your offer I’ll send you a private message. Thanks again, George

  9. Got my “stash” T-shirt today….excellent delivery time(s). 🙂

  10. “construction starts with cockpit”
    what a great wise proverb… that was Leo davinci, right? 😉

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