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Spitfire mk XIX Airfix 1/48

October 11, 2017 in Aviation

Hello Everybody

I must admit that I have not enough time for modelling. But, I found few weeks to realize this beauty. The Mk XIX is one of the purest Spitfire ever done, with the Mk XVI and his bubble canopy.
The Airfix kit is just a pleasure, and the result is very pleasant to my eyes.
I added since the pics was done, the rebecca antenna.

So glad to post another model and hope post a lot of them in the next months.

Please, as usual, feedbacks (Negatives & positives) are welcome


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16 responses to Spitfire mk XIX Airfix 1/48

  1. nice work on a beautiful airplane! is this one of the new tooled Airfix kits?

  2. Can’t think of one “negative” thing to say about THAT, my friend! Stunning!

  3. Fabulous!!! I concur the Mk XIX Spit was the best of them all, with the counter-rotating prop Seafire a close 2nd. Well done!!!

  4. PR blue Spitfires are always attention grabbers models.
    Your models is very impressive and well painted, with fine attention to detail.
    Just one Q…is it OOB or did you use some after market stuff? I was unaware Airfix released this kit.

  5. Beautiful Spitfire, but aren’t they all?

  6. Lovely! Nice subtle weathering on a very clean build. Well done.

  7. What a great looking Spitfire …… They really turn out good with a PRU blue finish. The invasion stripes are like icing on the cake.

  8. Nice job on one of my favorite Spitfires. I like that kit except the way they molded the open canopy parts. I did mine closed just like yours.

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