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WSK Swidnik SM 1 “Hare” 11, Polish Air Force Coast Guard.

October 19, 2017 in Aviation

1/72 MPM, I modified a few things, brass tube and wire for the rotors, replaced the tail skid and antennae etc with brass and stretched sprue, finished in MM and Tamiya enamels, Tamiya clear over decals from the spares box, this scheme is a kit option, built before 2004.

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14 responses to WSK Swidnik SM 1 “Hare” 11, Polish Air Force Coast Guard.

  1. Wondered where you’ve been, Allan….clean little build.

  2. Nice, little chopper 🙂

  3. I’m tempted to call it “cute”, neat work, especially considering the scale.

  4. Thanks George, it is cute !!

  5. Nice little build. Probably exotic for you in Australia. Glad to see it in polish marks. Greetings from Poland.

  6. Nice! Kinda a bug-nosed lookin’ little thing, isn’t it?

  7. Allan, Great work! Obscure stuff to us Westerners. Don’t see too many of them built.

  8. Ooo Polish helicopter … nice model, it is taken into consideration in my future plans

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