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1/72 Academy F2H-3 Banshee

November 21, 2017 in Aviation

Completed my Academy 1/72 F2H-3 Banshee. This is the most recent boxing. I built it mostly OOB just adding some wingtip navigation lights and some wire and plastic card to help make the ejection seat look more like a ….ejection seat. The kit has some inaccuracies but still looks like a “Banjo” to me. Painted with MRP, Gunze and AK metallics.

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12 responses to 1/72 Academy F2H-3 Banshee

  1. Very nice! It looks like it built into a respectable model. I’ve got the 1/72 Hobbycraft version in the stash waiting on my, but my guess it’s not half the kit this one is, if my experience with Hobbycraft is any indication! I love the look of these early jets – almost playful.

  2. Looks great Geoffrey !! I built the old Hobbycraft Kit in Canadian livery a while back. It wasn’t bad, but seeing this I may knuckle under and have another go.

  3. Been wondering what one of these looked like built up.That’s quite nice.

  4. I always thought the Banjo had a certain look. Shame the current 48th is snakebit, but maybe someday. Nice clean build of a nice clean fighter. Makes the Panther look portly.

  5. Nicely done, Geoff….I love it!

  6. Geoff, This is really nice, I like it a lot !

  7. Very well made. Looks great in those colours.

  8. So that’s what they look like with the wings unfolded, very smartly turned out, Geoffrey.

  9. These Banshee’s look very sleek. I just love the early jets…………. Yours turned out great !!!

  10. A wonderful-looking build Geoffrey.

    Nice to see one of these built up…. which is a rather rare occurrence actually. Fundamentally, its a good kit.

    The F2H is the plane that really put McDonnell firmly on the map as a builder of fighters for the military. Performance-wise, McDonnell kind of hit a home run, first time at bat. i think it’s the reliable, drama-free nature of the F2H and the Westinghouse engines that built up the expectations for the forthcoming F3H Demon. The “Banjo” was never a flashy performer, but super dependable.

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