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1/350 U-boat VII/C “The beginning of the End.”

November 4, 2017 in Ships

“The beginning of the End.”

Hitler’s U-boats, who drove Winston Churchill into the corner, as the allied forces acquired Ennigma, embark on a journey of long defeat.
It meant Hitler’s end.

I refer to the underwater explosion of the movie ” U-571″.

1/350 Scale
Revell U-boat Type VII/C

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37 responses to 1/350 U-boat VII/C “The beginning of the End.”

  1. Won,
    I am at a loss for words on how stunning this is. Your work is unbelievable. I have looked back at your previous posts and you are indeed the master. My utmost compliments to you.

  2. Ditto on Frank’s comments. I almost cannot believe my eyes. That you have done this as a still miniature with no photoshopping is beyond remarkable. True artisanship and creativity.

  3. I cannot fathom (pardon the pun ) how you have achieved this effect, it is stunning, deserves a prize in my opinion.

    • Underwater blaster was made with clay and cotton. Torpedo was made with plastic rod and cotton. After epoxy resin hardened, I dig holes from underneath and put LED into epoxy resin. ^^

  4. Absolutely stunning presentation. Well done

  5. Incredible is all I can say. Scratch one U-boat.

  6. He really didn’t make this diorama. He simply went back in time, found a U-boat under attack, used the freeze frame function on his time machine, sectioned the chuck of ocean with force fields and the hit it with a shrink ray. Easy. At least that’s what it looks like. This is absolutely stunning work Mr. Lee. (And I won’t ask how you did it because I know a magician never reveals his secrets!)

  7. All the accolades, adjectives and impressions have already been attributed to your work here, sir….I have no other words of praise to offer other than….HOLY COW ! 🙂

  8. Won-hui Lee. I do not know what to say. Masterful. Beautiful.

  9. Won-hui, to repeat Robert (above comment), wow !, Theirs a museum somewhere that needs this !

  10. Ah, ya… Holy Cow! Man that is a beautifully conceived and finished piece of model building!2

  11. However you did it, it’s amazing!

  12. Well. It’s just outstanding. Could you reveal a little how did you create the effects of explosion and water turbulence behind torpedo?

  13. I have been frozen, spectacular, I do not know where to start asking if you have the step by step assembly would be a pleasure to see it.


  14. This is genius. ‘stop the race’ as they say!

  15. When you feel for the guys inside that boat, you realize that you’ve witnessed modeling genius.

    Won-hui, you are a prodigy. I need you in the Kasserine Pass Build Group!

  16. WoW! Again – the words escape me. A true piece of art!

  17. Speechless 😶 Don’t recall ever seeing any vignete, naval or otherwise, that tried to reproduce a blast so convincingly… In fact that explosion looks like a still from a war movie, Hollywood special effects and all.
    Sir, you are modelling in the XXII century already

  18. Mega WOW, what else can I say that has already not been said.

  19. I can only stand in line with all the other accolades! Incredible!!

  20. First saw this recently on another Forum and thought it a fantastic project.

  21. UNBELIEVABLE!!! This is a true master at work. Well done!!!

  22. Congratulations mate, you have just won modelling!!!

  23. WOW. That is fantastic and a very good idea. How did you use for the flames?

  24. I would like to purchase this. Please advise.

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