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142H platform Truck

November 15, 2017 in Automotive

This was one of my first truck builds. It was dis-mantled and parts used for another truck build. Not my best build, although it was a rush build, I am OK with the results. A simple but still retaining my subject matter; a weathered truck theme. Made some modification just to make it more interesting than the original kit.

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10 responses to 142H platform Truck

  1. Beautiful! You’re going to run out of projects soon, I’ll bet. This model, while kind of plain, shows your “Attention To Detail” in a real good light. Outstanding!

  2. It pains me to hear “dismantled!” Even some of my old builds hold a bit of nostalgia for me – brings back memories of the times, ages of my kids at the time, home I live in, etc. Even though they aren’t worthy of display, they still seem to have an attachment to me. I often want to rebuild something I’ve built before, just because my skills have improved and it would look much better, but I figure I’ve got plenty of other subject to get done before I slip on into the next life, so might as well just hand onto the memories!

    • I can understand Greg. Although hanging on to models that give me certain itches every time I look at it doesn’t fare with me. In which case I rather dismantle and either start over or in my case, use the parts to build something better.

  3. Your attention to detail and weathering are just superb.

  4. Why do you “dismantle” some of your builds, Charles….seems a shame to ‘destroy’ them after all the work you put into ’em. 🙁

  5. When something continues to nag me I do away with it. Something kept bugging me about this build so I was not 100% satisfied. For me I have no issues about rebuilding or dismantling something to make it better or use the parts for another build.

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