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1/48 Yak-28P

November 8, 2017 in Aviation

This is the new Bobcat (former Xuntong)Models kit. This kit was a real surprise and a treat. I never expected to see a high quality, 1/48 Firebar kit, but here we have it! The model really went together well and is nicely detailed. It looks a bit intimidating in the box mainly because the engine nacelles are constructed from a jigsaw puzzle, fiddly looking design. Filler was used on most nacelle seams and lots of super glue was needed to blend the rear hot sections into each unit. The other thing to watch is that you must ensure that all 6 wheels touch the ground. The plane has a bicycle landing gear with outriggers much like a Harrier or B-52. The main gear units must be installed before closing the fuselage halves. Thankfully, the rear main strut pivots and need not be glued immediately. Install the front main tires and outriggers first. When dry, add the rear main tires and glue the main strut into a fixed position. You then can add it’s retraction arm with tweezers. Following this procedure, mine fit flawlessly and all 6 wheels are grounded. I painted the NMF with a Tamiya lacquers and Floquil Old Silver. The rest of the paint is Humbrol enamel. I used the kit decals, which are great, and added some Eduard seatbelts.

I found some reference photos on Russian websites, but not much as the plane rarely deployed outside of the USSR. I did come across an interesting story of one that crashed in a lake in the British zone of Berlin in the mid 1960s. Lots of spook work with divers to snatch the radar, get it to the UK for evaluation and then return it to the wreckage before being turned over to the Soviets along with the deceased crewmen.

Overall, this kit went together well and makes up into an impressive model. Finally, it’s a really long airplane, making it difficult to photograph!

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29 responses to 1/48 Yak-28P

  1. Beautifully done, John – nice job on that NMF, too. 🙂

  2. Now thats impressive. How big is it compared to a MiG-21 or even an F-4. The finish looks really well done. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Chuck. It dwarfs the Mig-21. It’s 17.25 inches long with a 10.25 wingspan. My 1/48 F-4J is about 13 inches long. This thing is comparable to an F-101 or F-106 in length, but also has those big wings.

  3. That’s just excellent John, very well done.

  4. Great model with a superb finish, John!

  5. Hi,

    Impressive model, good job and great finish John.


  6. FANTASTIC!!! I have this one on order. Can’t wait to get started on this one. You did an amazing job on this often neglected Russian star!!!

    • Thanks, Morne. You won’t be disappointed. I’ll post some in progress photos that you can refer to when building yours.

      • Thanks John. All Russian Cold War fighters look like aircraft on steroids!! I hope Bobcat Models give as more Russian interceptors. Hoping to see a Tupolev TU 102 Fiddler or a Lavochkin La 250 Anaconda in 1/48. Interceptors with muscles!!!

  7. Great job on this, very impressive.

  8. Very impressive model of one of the lesser know Russian jets.

  9. John, What a nice looking model. This has a real Buck Rogers look (if your old enough to know who that is ). I like it !

    • Thanks, Terry. It absolutely is one of the most estetically fantastic designs to see large scale production. Buck Rogers comes to mind with this one for me too. Interestingly, my 24 year old son thought it must be the latest Russian jet when he first laid eyes on the kit!

  10. Nice job on a rarely seen or modeled aircraft.

  11. Thanks, Tom. Now you build the Amodel kit in 1/72 or this monster in 1/48. Great times for modeling!

  12. Very nice – the NMF shows you did a bang-up job hiding all the seams, etc. Love the Firebar – I think it’s one of the few I don’t have in the stash, but I’m going to have to get a 1/72 version to build in flight. This thing just naturally calls for being mounted in flight, as it looks like it’s going fast sitting on the ground!

  13. Beautiful! I’ve never seen one modeled before, glad to know a good one is available.

    • Bobcat is a Chinese company. This is their 3rd kit. They did a Tu-2 and Il-4 under the Xuntong name. They’ve got a Brewer version of the Yak-28, an SB-2, and an Il-28 coming. Good times!

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