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“Com’on – Let’s Go!”

I’m not really a car guy but I had these kits on hand because I had planned to use them in a truck diorama. But, something else came up and I just decided to make a separate diorama for them instead. The diorama depicts a pedestrian crossing with two automobiles and a couple of people crossing or waiting to cross the street. The story tells a tale of a very impatient driver in the van trying to tell the driver in front of him;who is checking out the lady with the dog, crossing the road, to drive on; and if you look closely in one of the pictures, you will see a sign warning pedestrian to update Facebook, before crossing the street. The diorama is pretty simple. I just wanted to have a display base, that’ pretty much it. Hope you guys like the results:

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8 responses to “Com’on – Let’s Go!”

  1. Exquisite work, Charles…by the way, don’t you ever do anything OTHER than these well-thought-out dioramas? Or at least aircraft dioramas..? 🙁

  2. You have great “Attention To Detail,” Charles! Great work.

    You could do something at an airport; perhaps something dealing with a student & instructor getting prepared to go up for the 1st flying lesson. That might get an airplane included in your great dioramas. If you want, of course.

  3. Your dioramas are just superb little stories – just what a diorama is supposed to be.

  4. Very interesting diorama, great job as usual.

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