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Eduard 1:72 Fokker Dr.1

November 19, 2017 in Aviation

The fuselage markings and unusual black coloring attracted me to this kit. I’d avoided biplanes for a long time out of rigging anxiety. This one has mercifully little. This project also gave me an opportunity to try some wood grain painting techniques. This kit is quite a gem with Eduard’s normally great plastic and fantastic (but tiny) PE bits. The only hiccups came with unspecific instructions for gluing the cockpit frame assembly. Had to reposition it after the fuselage was together. If the ammo bin that mounts the MGs don’t line up precisely with the cockpit opening, the MGs will not align correctly. I had to do some pretty dicey reworking of the opening and mounts at the very end of the project. .

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12 responses to Eduard 1:72 Fokker Dr.1

  1. Amazing little details. I recently built the big brother to this one, the 1/28 scale Revell kit. Up until now I thought it was a little triplane. Yours really looks great !!!!! I like it ….. a lot.

  2. You did a great job on this, Dennis. The small details look fab!

  3. That right there’s a damn fine lookin’ little build, my friend. Outstanding work!

  4. On small minor point for future reference, not a criticism, this is really nice work with this little kit and a great result resulting in a modeling gem.

    German seats were metal. It was the Brits with the wooden wicker seats.

  5. My fumble fingers couldn’t manage anything like this in 1/72 scale. Amazing internal detail for such a small model. I think you put the manufacturer’s plate on the wrong side of the cowling though. In any case, it’s a great little build. Paul

  6. I really need to try something in this scale! Looks so good. Well done.

  7. Couldn’t image doing this kit in 1/72 scale. Well done for such a tiny subject Dennis.

  8. I have been working on this kit myself. Easily the tiniest plastic kit I’ve ever started, and this inspires me to get my little project finished!

  9. Holy eye strain! Fantastic!

  10. WoW! I admire your Tripe, Dennis. Great and interesting paint scheme, as well! The interior details are excellently done. I’ve seen the late, great Cole Palen fly his DR1 and I’ve always admired that model Fokker.

    Well done, Dennis!

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