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F9F-2P Panther

November 1, 2017 in Aviation

Trumpeter 1/48 scale F9F-2 built straight out of the box just adding etched seat belts.

Aeromaster sea blue was used to paint the model using the decals supplied.

The base is resin PSP planking painted with humbrol metalcote with markings applied on top. This was then mounted on a wooden base.

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36 responses to F9F-2P Panther

  1. Julian, this looks utterly flawless. The finish is gorgeous, the presentation is beautiful, and there’s an artistry about it that just makes me want to keep looking at it. Truly more than the sum of the parts; immaculate.

  2. This looks FABULOUS!!! You have done an amazing job on this Panther. I have this one in the stash. Part of a series of military jets I want to build: Neil Armstrong’s Grumman Panther, Jim Lovell’s Banshee and “Buzz” Aldrin’s F86 Sabre.

  3. Outstanding, Julian. Great model.

  4. Great result. I wish the kit was as good as your work.

  5. As Jefferey stated….”outstanding”. sir. Nice work!

  6. Fantastic work and wonderful presentation!

  7. Great looking aircraft Julian. I sure miss Aeromaster paints

  8. Beautiful Panther Julian…very nicely done. I’m a bit confused by the designation in your headline….F9F-2PM ?

    • Thank you Jim. I’m at a loss why I put the M, I built this model a while ago, and really can’t remember why I wrote it.
      I will edit it to avoid anymore puzzlement.
      Sorry for the confusion.
      Regards, Julian.

  9. Nice Panther!! Great base too. Love those F9F’s

  10. Julian, well done! Whose PSP planking? Also great to see a photo aircraft, I’ve seen that PP tailcode on airplanes for years.

  11. It’s nice to see your Panther jet with its fabulous finish. She turned out great. I really like it.

  12. Beautiful US Navy finish and, as usual, nicely set off by the base.

  13. Looks great Julian! Well done.

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