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Friday Briefing

November 24, 2017 in Photo Collections

49 additional images. Click to enlarge

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13 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. I am really thankful once again for these set of images on Thanksgiving day as it passes into Friday or as it becomes “Black Friday” anyway, love the #31 Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and the B-17. Good show Rob…

  2. 2nd thought that isn’t a B-17. Fuselage is slab sided, a B-17 is round in shape. So I wonder

  3. Several entertaining photos as usual, Rob….but there’s so many questions I have about many of of them (wish there was some sort of “narrative” accompanying them), that I’ll only ask – or comment – on one of them….
    Why do you suppose that derelict F-4 Phantom is sporting a US national insignia with no red stripe on the bar(s)?

    • There is a grey strip within the white rectangle so the red may have been painted out earlier when the machine was written off.

      • Quite plausible ‘explanation’, Rob…after thinking more about it, it’s also possible that there WAS a a red stripe and it faded out. Oh well…..still another fine collection of pics as always. I really enjoy perusing your briefing every week. Later, my friend.

  4. One of best collections yet IMHO. I like the F-18/F-14 stare down, some say they kept the wrong one. Me thinks the red stripe on the F-4 has just faded out.

  5. Great set once again Rob.Love the picture of Stan and Ollie in # 31 but look at the shoes !

  6. Hello Rob,
    Thanks for the great collection. My favorite is the (I think) Vindicator on the lift of the USS Wasp. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  7. Thought 39 was funny with the ladder up to the helicopter.

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