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Grumman F3F-3

November 17, 2017 in Aviation

This is the Accurate Miniature F3F-1 biplane. I made it back in 2000 when it was first released. I made the kit straight out of the box, which included the etched rigging. If memory serves me right, any of the F3F-1 squadrons could be made with the decal sheet provided. The makings of my model are from U.S.Navy Squadron Fighting 31 based aboard USS Saratoga (CV-3). I made this model long before I used gouache to highlight the panel lines.

Thanks for looking.

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34 responses to Grumman F3F-3

  1. Turned out well, Julian….nice job. AM’s are/were nice kits.

  2. The A-M F3Fs are in my mind among the best plastic kits ever done. You did a spectacular job with yours.

  3. Nice looking, straight-forward clean build!

  4. Julian, great build! Grummans Barrels!

  5. Really nice, Julian. This was one of the early planes my Dad flew back during WWII> I like the old biplanes of all natiopns that were used right up to when the planes changed to all (or mostly all) metal and became monoplanes.

    An important plane from great Naval Aircraft history is what you’ve shown.

  6. Julian, that first shot if phenominal! How did you take the picture while blowing on the prop?

  7. Julian, I was admiring the build as one of the prettier ones I’ve seen here, thinking, “Wow, this guy is amazing!”…then I saw it was you. Duh. Of course it’s amazing. It’s Julian.

    Hpw’d you do the spinner that way?

  8. Nicely done! I’ve had this kit in my oile since it was released, it’s still shrink-wrapped! Guess I found my next build!

  9. I agree with everyone above that have posted compliments on this one. It’s a masterpiece !! I really like it …..

  10. Nice work, Julian. That is one of my all time favorite kits.

  11. Julian, A really nice looking F3F-3, Well done !.
    I have a good memory of my Dad helping me build a model of this airplane when I was a kid, therefore its always good to see one !

  12. Beautiful ‘yellow wing era ‘ subject, love that the early Tomcatters markings

  13. Very nicely done, Julian, and the headline photograph is masterful.

  14. A very nice subject. I will use your excellent job to inspire one in 1/72 scale.

  15. If you can find it, there’s a 1939 book called Dive Bomber, by Robert A. Winston. (Holiday House ) Tom Cleaver and I both have it. The frontispiece is a painting of 3 F3F-2s-the first section- from Fighting 6, the Blue Comets. They are flying ahead of the battle line. The book is about how Mr. Winston took a reserve commission to fly. It tells his progress thru Pensacola at th time, and has line drawings throughout shwoing the various aircraft he flew. When he graduated and got to the Fleet at North Island, They still had F4B-4s. Recommended!

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