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Help with the next 1/32 scale scratch build project

November 5, 2017 in Aviation

Choices, choices, With the PC 6 coming to an end, I have been trying to see what I would try next, and I cant make up my mind, so I thought I would put it all on the table and have the esteemed group here at i modeler help me decide. I have added some pictures to give you an idea of what I have in mind.

I want to build an aircraft that you cannot find in 1/32 scale and what every body would want if there was a kit available. Something different, maybe its my wish list that I want to build from scratch in 1/32 scale.

Have a look and tell me what you think.

I will post the finished pics of the PC 6 as soon as I have painted the registration numbers on.



8 additional images. Click to enlarge

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28 responses to Help with the next 1/32 scale scratch build project

  1. My vote(s) are for either the Baron or (what is that…a Beech 19..?) – 🙂

  2. I’m with Phil…………… Ag Cat hands down. You could even join the Year of the Cat GB with it……….. 🙂

  3. Ag-Cat or the Turbo Goonie Bird.

  4. Marc, another vote for the Ag-Cat. If this keeps up, maybe the mainline producers will have a look. It has a certain charm! As does the Dragon Rapide. Would you do a conversion for the Turbo Dak? Adventurous choices!

  5. My vote is for the Dragon Rapide, but if you go for the BT-47, my cousin works at Basler Turbo Conversions. I could see if she could get you some reference photos. (I don’t know how tight they are over there, but I think cockpit, engine bay and interior shots might be allowed.)

    • hi Josh, that would be great if I could get some pic’s, I stay here in Cape Town, and just the other day a TP 47 from the Air Force flew over the house. Strange not to hear the radial engines.

  6. I like the little bi-plane in #3 ,what is that a crop duster ?,that’s my choice anyhow.

    • That is the Ag Cat. My favorite out of this selection too.

    • Looks like the AG Cat is winning hands down on this, yes it was a crop duster from way back when, I think there are a few still flying out there.

    • The Ag Cat isn’t little. It’s huge. I remember learning to fly back in the 70s, i did my first 10 hours in a J-3 Cub at the narroest, shortest duster strip in Northern California. I’d be all set up on final, and an Ag Cat would come barreling down the runway on a downwind takeoff headed right at me, I’d go skittering off over the cornfields to get away.

  7. The turbo DC-3 is doable in 1/48 using the Monogram kit and a resin conversion set I forget who made it.

    That Beech Baron in the header would be interesting.

  8. I’m a military builder, so my vote is either the Mirage or the Rapide.

  9. I see them here on test flights regularly and yes, it is strange. (Also the squared off wingtips looks odd when they are overhead.) What’s really amazing is that these 70-80 year old aircraft are getting a new lease on life and are still providing excellent service! Basler was about to convert a plane that had been in if not lead the D-day invasion. CAF traded three airworthy Goonies for this one and it is currently under restoration. I must say I do enjoy your build threads and the finished products are fantastic!

  10. All of those are excellent offerings but I have one near and dear to my heart and that is the Northrop Gamma 2A. I know one has already been produced in 32 (scratch built). However, that twin leading the charge is just as nice as any.

  11. Marc,
    All of your work is masterful so anything you decide I will follow your progress. But I will have to go with the Baron. It is a classy private aircraft and my grandsons favorite.

  12. with all this choosing going on, I was on the net last night and came across a scale drawing ( a very good pdf file ) from Pilatus of their laterst trainer, the PC 21, this is a very cool aircraft, its thrown me a little. I have added a picture of it, tell me what you think of this late entry.

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