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King Tiger 1/35 Ammo

November 4, 2017 in Armor


Fresh from the works, a slightly What if version of the cat, with a longer barreled gun,slight mods to the engine deck and a IR device, reboxing of a Takom kit by Ammo with their details. Kept it simple, removed some gear, cables, cut the side schurzen,added PE bucket and camo wires on the turret. painted with a mix of Gunze paints, many layers of weathering. A very nice model, highly recommended.

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9 responses to King Tiger 1/35 Ammo

  1. Nice work on the “beast”, sir…..I like it!

  2. The “Cat” looks menacing with the long barrel 88 !!!!! Great work with it. You captured the look rather well. Two thumbs up Sir !!!

  3. Nice Tiger, really!!!
    I’m working on 1/72…

  4. Matija, is that the extended Russian front version of the L71 barrel, or a ‘what if’…looks very, very mean. I like it.

  5. Spot on! You’ve absolutely nailed that one!

  6. Cheers all for the comments!

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