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Model of the Month winner – September

November 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hi all – I had a couple of surprises today – one good and one not so good…
Tore my calf muscle while exercising today – not much fun – but came home to find my prize for September’s iModeler award! I wasn’t up to taking first class photos today so you will have to accept my apologies for the grainy photo above.

The kit is Eduard’s Stripdown Airco DH-2 and looks like a lot of fun. Lots of PE including some pre painted instruments and so on. Now, what to do while my calf recovers…..

Thanks to Martin for making these awards possible!

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18 responses to Model of the Month winner – September

  1. Well done Paul. I thought your Snipe was excellent

  2. Congrats! Best wishes for feeling better & your calf healing.

  3. Cool to see that it has arrived safely. To me, this is a brave kit selection :). We’re glad to have contributed to the good news for the day!

  4. Congratulations Paul, well deserved.

  5. Nice choice Paul, hope the calf heals quick.

  6. Congratulations Paul will look forward to seeing the DH2 in due course!

  7. By the time you finish that, it will be eye-strain and shaky nerves you’ll need to recover from! Congratulations, and good luck!

  8. Congratulations Paul, keep up the good work, at least with the injury you can sit, build and recover.

  9. Congrats Paul, wishing you a speedy recovery. Meanwhile you have a worthy subject to occupy your time………….. take it easy.

  10. Dont be sad, you have to sit and rest+you have a new kit. Any idea how to spend time, untill you can walk again?

  11. Can’t wait to see the end product!

  12. Congratulations Paul. Best wishes on a good recovery.

  13. Paul, congratulations! Not for the faint of heart!

  14. Cool choice, Paul, and take some advice – not so much exercise.

  15. Thanks for all the good wishes everyone….should be OK.

  16. Congrats. Interesting choice and hoping for a speedy recovery

  17. Thanks all – a couple of days later things are feeling a lot better – a pretty slight tear I think – pretty happy about that!

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