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November 25, 2017 in Automotive

This is simply a 1/32 diecast model. I stripped and repainted it, removing the shining glossy green color look to it. I then added a small piece of small gauge wiring for the brake cable and a review mirror and a resin box on the back. I drilled a hole in the seat and added fiver glass strain to indicate a work seat.

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8 responses to Moped

  1. Looks exactly like a well used Moped should look….nice job.

  2. Very nice Charles………… The road looks really authentic too. Is this the road that was in front of your metal building from a previous post ????

  3. It looks almost like the Mopeds here in the Congo, nice work, looks real.

  4. Nice work, but, technically, I think it’s a scooter rather than a moped, no matter.

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