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No name diorama – yet!

November 26, 2017 in Diorama

I have been working on this diorama for long time now and it is still not complete. I have been changing different things and adding things to get it the way I want it to be. I am presently looking for figures, preferably a young boy sitting down with his chin resting on his two hands. I hope you know the posture I am talking about. So if you know of any 1/35 scale figure with such a posture, please let me know. It does not have to be a bit but a little girl. Maybe you guys have some ideas of the figures that are available. Just throw me some links if you can.

The entire building and concrete side walk were scratch built out of foamboard. The details in front the store are from various manufactures. The water tank and piping were scratch built as well as the electrical lines and parts. The A.C. were taken from a 1/35 military container kit which I modified . I tend to re-use a lot of detail parts. I like to keep cost down.

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11 responses to No name diorama – yet!

  1. Hey Charles, I am in the DRC at the moment, just driving around thinking that there is so much you could use in a diorama. Let me know if I must send you pictures, everything here is messed up, maybe you can find some inspiration from some pictures. Great work, love your stuff.

  2. Your work is up to its’ usual standard of excellence, Charles….but what the hell IS it?

  3. Excellent work as usual, Charles.

  4. Well done, what do you think to put a Mecha in the dio?

  5. Cool, I like the milk crates.

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