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Repairing for sale

I had redone an old diorama that involved this VW. As you can tell my figure painting skills at the time was not really that good. But I will improve eventually. The ‘Defiance’ is the latest of my figure painting skills. I think looking at that diorama, you can say, I have improved a little. Regardless, I am still working on that aspect of the hobby.

I wanted to test different scenes using real vegetation to help improve the realism of diorama building. I have since redone this diorama already, and will upload photos of the newer version.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Repairing for sale

  1. Well….at least there’s ONE thing we have in common – I can’t paint figures worth a darn either. 🙂

  2. Nor can I. Did you scratch build the storage container?

  3. Great modeling, Charles.
    It strikes me that in modeling the appreciation of rust is inversely proportional to the real world. Specifically at the bottom of the doors you really hit the nail to the head!

  4. That weathering is once again “the real thing.”

  5. Absolutely stunning! Perfectly “eaten” with rust! I rode around Europe (summer of 1967 & again in 1968) in a couple different VW Microbusses. We didn’t have to repair them, however.

    This brings back great memories!

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