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Scale Model Challenge 2017 Veldhoven The Netherlands.

November 10, 2017 in News

Dear Modelers,
Especially for our oversea modelers, two links to this magnificent event.
One in pictures, the other one leads you to some YouTube films. (Part 1-2-3)
Look at for instance all the lighting arrangements on the competitors tables. The best I have ever seen.

Visitors and competitors from all over Europe.

Regards, Dirk.

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5 responses to Scale Model Challenge 2017 Veldhoven The Netherlands.

  1. I’m sure it’s great, Dirk, unfortunately You Tube is not able to be accessed here in China……….. but thanks anyway.

    • Hello George,
      Good to hear from you. Did have no knowledge, that You Tube is not available in the PRC.
      These smart Chines people should do something about this matter.
      Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  2. Very “entertaining”, Dirk….thanks for sharing.

  3. My favorite aspect of these was seeing how many of the modelers seemed to be much younger than me! In my neck of the woods, most of us are older geezers…(dying off?)! It’s good to see young blood coming into the hobby – means there will still be market forces keeping good products coming our way!

  4. Very enjoyable, thanks for posting Dirk.

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