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Scania 144L Flatbed

Another very old build. It too does not exist but I have pics to show my progress then and now.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Scania 144L Flatbed

  1. I have stuff that “doesn’t exist” any longer as well, Charles…when display space is limited for whatever reason and one has been building for a number of years and then you buy all the “new and improved” kits….well. “sumthin’s gotta give” as the old song goes – time to ‘rotate the stock’, as it were. Only difference being, MY kits/builds/projects do NOT get “dismantled and rebuilt” – they get placed into the ’round file’. 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, nothing lasts for ever. I’ve had models destroyed by felines, dogs ,children and by own hand or elbow. Moving has taken the greatest toll. Its a good excuse to built more too. However, a picture speaks a thousand words and once its in the cloud, in theory it lasts forever. Lovely work Charles.

    • Thanks. I am Always trying to better myself and if I need specific parts for my next build and don’t want to spend, than so be it. This was just another model that I was not 100 % satisfied with to make keep it. So it was sacrificed for a better cause.

  3. More trucks! Excellent!

  4. Another life scene done exceptionally well.

    Bravo, Charles!

  5. Wow Charles !!!! I just finished looking at your articles that you have posted here on Imodeler. You have the diorama thing down to a science …. I especially like the little details that you sneak in here and there. They all look so realistic too. I also just realized that you’re fairly new here, so welcome aboard my friend. I really like your work.

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