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November 18, 2017 in Diorama

This is a really old diorama built many years ago. It does not exist any more but here are the pics.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge

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11 responses to ‘Slum’

  1. Quite simply done, but very effective. Nice work as usual.

  2. When I was on the street for various insurance companies, I used to see sights similar in my travels. Love the details! The scooter would be stripped down to the chassis or gone, depending on how long it was sitting there.

  3. Beautiful! The realism is really there. Well done, Amigo!

  4. Daylight makes almost all models look much better.

  5. I love the way you pick unusual subjects for your dioramas. This one could actually be interpreted as a political message. Is it?

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