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Some military models

These models were built many years ago. I do not have them any more. The LAVIII was 70% scratch built and heavily modified from a Trumpeter stryker kit, long before there was a kit available. The PLS was also 80% scratch built using the Italeri HEMTT M977 kit.

The MLRS is my version of a build that ‘Could-have-been’. There are many variations of radar command units that exist today, with already existing wheel & track vehicles, offering their chassis as accommodation for their radar support systems. Many radar systems can be deployed easily to areas in less considerate time making it convenient for defense purposes. Using already existing vehicles & converting them, keeps the cost down.

This particular build was inspired by several radar mobile & command units, like the Gero h3, M4 Bradley, Shilem & the AN/TPS75 radar. The Chassis is a modified M270 taken from the MLRS Revell kit. The radar infrastructure, storage box, extra antennae (on the front side of the storage box), support & walk platform braces on top of the driver compartment & air control unit on the back of the M270 hull, with small details are all scratch built. Since the AN/TPS 75 already exist I decided to upgrade it a little calling this the ‘M270 AN/TPS 75s Mobile Unit’.

I believe a similar system can be combined together but if it would be feasible; that would be another question.

The M1134 Stryker ATGM is 50% scratch built, I scratch built the turrent mount and all the details needed to convert the M1123 original stryker kit to a M1134.

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  1. An excellent collection of military vehicles.

  2. Some nice work you’ve done here.

  3. Very convincing collection – and modeling skills!

  4. Fantastic work Charles, a really cool collection.

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