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Tamiya F4U-1D 1:32 Scale

November 17, 2017 in Aviation

Tamiya F4U-1D done. Three months elapsed time, about 120 hours work, and I missed SMW by a week, oh well there’s always next year! What a superb kit! This one is being featured in a three part special in MAI (part 1 out now). All the markings on this kit, save for the tiny stencils, have been painted on. Big thanks to Mal Mayfield for his superb Miracle Masks which provided the Stars & Bars. Number by Montex, the rest by me using Tamiya masking tape and a sharp knife.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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19 responses to Tamiya F4U-1D 1:32 Scale

  1. Alan, I really like that one! And it may sound stupid, but what caught my eye the most was the job you did on the HVAR rockets. Often enough ordnance on a kit looks like an afterthought, but your Corsair shows attention to those details really makes a difference.

    • Thanks Boris and your absolutely right, you cant treat the stores as an afterthought, everything has to have the same attention paid to it. The rockets took three evenings to paint, decal and weather just on their own.

  2. Alan, this is gorgeous !, I was wondering what paint you used?, the color and finish looks really good.

  3. Excellent craftsmanship – a very nice model Alan.

  4. These Tamiya Corsairs in this scale are always a treat.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Alan! When I grow up I hope I can do as well. (I’ve only been practising for more than 5 decades, so far!)

    This looks as if a pilot could get in, start it, and fly away. I know of no better compliment.

  6. Now that right there is one fine lookin’ Corsair, Alan…excellent work, sir!

  7. Alan, I’m with Jeff it looks real.

  8. Another beautiful build of my favorite plane !!!!!

  9. Nicely done Alan, that’s the first one I’ve seen built and you did an excellent job on it.

  10. Great looking build ,Alan , one question , tho what do you use for antenna wires?

  11. A great looking Corsair Alan.
    I was attracted to your depiction of the antenna installation. Its a nuance on the Corsair which changed a lot, and one of those things a lot of model builders blow off. Not so here; i like the effort that went into it. I love the shade of gloss sea blue and i definitely need to get those masks from Mal, when i build my next one.

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