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Telford Best in Show (Club Display)

November 15, 2017 in Show Reports

As well as some individual placements in the Competition, late on Sunday officials awarded our club the Best Club Display Trophy (Gold) Scale Model World 2017. Considering that there are more than 94 Clubs in attendance (85+ SIGS dealt with separately) from across Europe, we are naturally very pleased with the result.

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12 responses to Telford Best in Show (Club Display)

  1. Congratulations to you and the other members Rob.

  2. Well done to the modelers of Norwich! Outstanding display!

  3. Great result, Rob, can you do it again next year?

    • We improved our display stands/signage earlier this year and have used this new setup at the regional shows. There are some pretty fantastic club/SIG displays at the Nationals, but the new refined “less is more” presentation seems to have struck a chord (for once).

  4. Fantastic display. Congratulations to you and the Norfolk modelers.

  5. Didn’t even realize that category was included. Congratulations to the club, sir.

  6. Well done to your club folks!

  7. Great display – congrats on the trophy!

  8. Obviously well-deserved. Lots of interesting work there to be inspired by. Congratulations!

  9. Well done fellas, a great display, very diverse and interesting! Well deserved.

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