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WNW Albatros DVa Jasta 76b, Karl Hopf, 1918

November 27, 2017 in Aviation

Started back in 2010 and finally off the shelf and finished.
Cockpit detailed with different gauge wire, etc.
added detail to the Mercedes engine include scratch built spark plugs, valve springs, spark plug wires, and assorted cables.
fuselage was riveted per references, 2 nails, 1 screw, 2 nails pattern. I painted the fuselage first with Tamiya Desert yellow, followed by artist oils. wood grain was added last with PrismaColor colored pencils.Wooden prop was finished in the same fashion.
other added details include Master Spandau MG barrels, HGW Mercedes radiator shutter, and GasPatch turnbuckles. Rigging is monofilament.
Markings are from the WNW’s decal sheet #30016 “The Bavarians”.

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15 responses to WNW Albatros DVa Jasta 76b, Karl Hopf, 1918

  1. That is a beautiful piece of work!


  2. Outstanding work, Roger… stuff! 🙂

  3. Amazing work shown here Roger. It looks like you somehow managed to shrink a full sized machine !!!!

  4. Super work & detailing! Great Albatross, Roger.

  5. Another Fabrocini work of art!

  6. That’s fantastic! Particularly like the way the rigging mimicks the tensions that I imagine a machine on the ground would have. I also hadn’t noticed before how WnW reflect the scalloped wire trailing edges with such little emphasis. A truly great build! Congratulations.

  7. Beautiful work, Roger, no wonder it was seven years in the making.

  8. Very nice indeed. Love these WnW kits!

  9. Awesome 1/32 work. Congratulations.

  10. Yep – awesome is a good word! The subtleties in your word grain work are fantastic, especially the prop. And that engine looks like it could cough and sputter to life any moment…

  11. Wow, your Albatros is just amazing! Might have took you 7 years Roger, but the outcome is just masterpiece. Congrats

  12. Roger, “are you sure that’s not real wood” ?
    That is about as real as it can be and still be a model, very well done !

  13. Absolutely wonderful. Hard to pick out any one feature but your wood is the best I’ve seen. PrismaColor pencils? How does that work?

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