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1/48 AMK MiG-31

December 22, 2017 in Aviation

Finally finished it

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29 responses to 1/48 AMK MiG-31

  1. Another work of art my friend……….. I especially like how you eroded the top coat on the wings and upper fuselage to expose the zinc chromate type primer below.

  2. Outstanding MiG-31, I have read that AMK has produced an amazing kit. Your build thread is well done. I wonder if there other kits are just as involved as this one and good. Going to look into picking one of these up, quite impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow…..that IS stunning, my friend – nice work!

  4. Followed the build – and this is the result of some fantastic innovative technique – absolutely awesome! Thank you!

  5. Thanks, guys. I appreciate it. Merry Christmas!

  6. Apart from the brilliant craftsmanship, it’s the inspiration that stands out.
    To me the best 31 on the planet.

  7. Hello George,
    Very impressed with your MIG-31. Finished to the highest standards.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  8. Truly a masterpiece. Congratulations !!

  9. An excellent work of craftsmanship! Love all the weathering and detail work that went into this. A beautiful model.

  10. Thanks again, all. I am continually inspired by your work.

  11. George, you build captures the brute force of the Mig-31. Some big honking engines bolted onto some steel and titanium built to shoot down B-1’s and B-52s. Two thumbs up. Looking forward to seeing more of your gifts and talents in modeling.

  12. I particularly like the realistic finish.

  13. VERY nicely done, George! That is a beast of an aircraft, for sure! Your finish work & shading are truly excellent.

    I look forward to seeing more from you!

  14. Merry Xmas mate! That is a work of art! Following the work in progress was definitely educational as well.

  15. George that is really exceptional work, enjoyed the view.

  16. Like many others I’ve been following your WIP and the end result is excellent, many congratulations, and enjoy your Christmas dinner.

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