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1/48 Hasegawa Junkers Ju87G-2 STUKA

December 2, 2017 in Aviation

Most of you guys will be familiar with this blurb, but for the ones who aren`t this is the model of a german stuka dive bomber which has been modified to carry two 37mm cannons instead of bombs. The german fighter ace Hans Rudell flew this plane and destroyed over 500 Russian tanks. The plane was too unwieldy for aerial combat and an easy target for british fighters. The model was built to depict a `war weary` plane veteran of many missions. I don`t think it should be carrying a bomb as well as the cannons but I liked the look of it. The model was built oob and I scratchbuilt the pipework for the cannons.

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7 responses to 1/48 Hasegawa Junkers Ju87G-2 STUKA

  1. Excellent build Robert! A true “Kanonenvogel”! Michel.

  2. Nice!! One mean looking machine!

  3. Yes….nicely done, Robert. I like it.

  4. Really like it. The Stuka will always be a favorite.

    On an historical note, the score of this ace reminds me of the feat achieved by the U.S. shipyard that build a Liberty ship in 24 hours to defy the Nazi wolf packs prowling the North Atlantic; in the long run, supply beats heroism in the field of battle. Hitler vastly underestimated Russian population and industry. It didn’t matter in the end how many tanks this man or any number of others destroyed; Stalin’s machine simply made–and manned–too many to beat.

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