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1/48 Revell (ProModeller) SB2C-4 Hellldiver

December 28, 2017 in Aviation

Hello Folks

My latest completed build. This time last of US Navy dive bomber SB2C-4 Helldiver from Revell. The kit goes together rather well the only problem I have was installing resin replacement wheel bays. I have some gaps to fill where the bays are fit into fuselage halfs. For the first time in this kit I used Montex masks to spray some insignia markings such as code numbers and white triangles on wing and tail. The insignia stars are from decals. My kit represents the SB2C-4 from VB-83 USS Essex April 1945.

Kit manufacture: Revell 04506
Scale: 1/48
Type: SB2C-4 Helldiver
Extras used: Quick Boost 48560 resin engine, Aires 4489 wheel bays, Eduard zoom set
Paints and colours used: Gunze US Navy Set (365 FS15042 Gloss Seablue, 366 FS35164 Intermiade Blue, Off White)

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17 responses to 1/48 Revell (ProModeller) SB2C-4 Hellldiver

  1. The Helldiver is a big impressive bird. Nice job on her!

  2. I agree with Josh. This is a VERY well-done model! I really like the painting!

  3. Agree! Nice build, the painting and the toned down blue is very subtle, well done sir!

  4. Nicely done, I picked up the original Monogram boxing not too long ago and the decals are shot because of their age, the masks look like they worked well!

  5. The “Beast” one of the nicer nick names given to the Helldiver. It looks like the kit could carry the same nick name. I don’t see the words drop in fit to any of the after market stuff…

    Looks like a winner and a “GoldiLocks build. You don’t see these kits built up often. Thank you for sharing.

    • The kit itself is pretty decent, I didn’t have any problems with it other than the soft canopy lines in the Accurate Miniatures boxing. Not sure about the aftermarket stuff, I didn’t use any

      • Rob, I am sure you did a excellent job with your build. However, I am referring to Michal’s list; Quick Boost 48560 resin engine, Aires 4489 wheel bays, Eduard zoom set. For his build.
        Perhaps you have some photos that we can see?

  6. Nicely done Michal, you did a really nice job on the Beast. Excellent paint job too. Have one in my stash may have to get it out and try building her.

  7. Your “Beast” looks fantastic. I built the exact same plane (#207 from VB-83) earlier this year and used the Montex masks for it too since the kit decals had yellowed. I like all of the upgrades you added. Mine was pretty much box stock. Very nice !!!

  8. Nice Beast!!! aka Son of a b**ch 2nd class.

  9. Expertly finished, Michal…very nice work. I like it.

  10. Hello Michal,
    very impressive build. Finished into perfection. Interesting to read about the Montex masking tape. Montex gives you the opportunity to airbrush in and outside of the frames. Helpful when you have canopy’s open.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  11. After market, masks, etc, whatever, your model looks very impressive, your excellent paint finish really sets it off.

  12. Really great work, Michal! I have this kit in the stash, and you really set the bar high with your build.

  13. Your model looks very impressive. This is a very well made Helldiver model, bravo!

  14. An excellent Helldiver! I love the brute, and you did a fantastic job on it.

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