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2017, a look in the rear view mirror…

December 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hello fellow plastic-hedz!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

2017 has been a better year than I thought it was going to be. Six completions, and one at about 95%. I hope to have her done too, bringing the total up to seven. However, “Almost” only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades, so If I don’t get her done, no pictures…..but I do have a terrific start on 2018!!

All my finished kits are 1:48 scale aircraft. They are:

1) Grumman F4F-4, “Wildcat”- Tamiya
2) Mitsubishi A5M4, Type 96, “Claude”- Fine Molds
3) Romanian IAR-80C – Hobby Boss
4) Douglas TBD-1, “Devastator” – Great Wall
5) Nakajima B5N2, Type 97, Model 3 – Hasegawa
6) Mitsubishi A6M2b, Model 21, Type 0, “Zeke”- Hasegawa

1) Dornier Do-17Z-2- ICM

Enjoy everyone, and Have a very Merry Christmas!!

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11 responses to 2017, a look in the rear view mirror…

  1. Not a bad tally, Frederick, thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Wonderful looking builds, Frederick! Happy holidays!

  3. Well done Freddie, and Merry Christmas

  4. Well done, Sir! I especially like the Romanian IAR-80C. It’s VERY well done, like all are, but I’m not familiar the plane so I am learning something new.

    Merry Christmas, Fred!

  5. An AWESOME line up!! Well done!!

  6. Thanks everyone. Merry Christmas to y’all!

  7. Nice work, sir….I especially like that first one. Merry Christmas.

  8. As usual Freddie, this is some great work. Looks like you had a good year !!!!

    I’m anxiously awaiting the Dornier postings……… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend.

  9. 2017 was a great modeling year for you, Frederick! All are very well-done.

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