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December 15, 2017 in Armor

In different circumstances and times when emissions and regulations were not the words anyone important would use together, traction and torque were the king, and red won over green by default, big vehicles roamed vast plains east of the Urals. V-12 growling beasts with 39 L displacement, generating 2000 Newtonmeters of torque and sucking 128 liter of diesel for each 100 kms of impossible terrain that happened to come under the 8 colossal driving wheels. And unlike the dinosaurs, they are still truckin’…

MAZ-573 was borne more than 50 years ago to pull anything from tanks, cranes, ballistic missiles, lumber and of course heavy aircraft. I remember watching these monsters passing by when I was a boy and feeling the engine frequency in my belly. I don’t use the word very often, but they were awesome.

Hungarian resin kit company, Armada Hobby, produced several version of MAZ-573 in 1:72 scale and one of them is this heavy aircraft tug, providing perfect companionship for some big Russian wings…

Anyhow, here it is, my homage to this brute and another piece in my diorama puzzle. You can see more of the build here:


12 additional images. Click to enlarge

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8 responses to 4X4…X2

  1. That’s a stunnning build mate! The weathering looks completely 3D. The finished diorama should be a winner!

  2. That really is a brute! You did a stellar job on it – very realistic weathering and finish.

  3. Great looking maz Aleksandar. I have a few in my stash and under construction.

  4. I agree with the “masses”, my friend….quite a nice job indeed.

  5. This thing is so ugly its Beautiful! Nicely done Aleksander!

  6. 1:72 scale, wow. I love big trucks. Great job Aleksandar.

  7. This is going to look great in your diorama, it’s definitely awesome.

  8. Thanks folks, I surely appreciate your comments.

    If anyone has some constructive criticism it is also welcomed. This being only my second ground vehicle I am open for any suggestions.

    I also attached one archive photo in the original article, to bring some more context and give you a taste of the things to come


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