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A year in Review: 2017

December 20, 2017 in Aviation

3 project ended this year, a long lasting one: the IA-58 Pucarà Acongaua kit in 1/48 started and stopped for almost 3 years,

an F4U Corsair in 1/72, for a friend and a collector that, unfortunately passed away shortly after I deliver the model, and a small diorama in 1/72 with a Blkack HawK flying over south Iraq, made for a friend of mine.

3 project are also progressing slowly: HS-123 Gas Patc in 1/48, a couple of A6M5 Zero in 1/72 and a U-212 in dry dock, with an unprobable experimental cammo, as requested by a collector friend of mine.

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10 responses to A year in Review: 2017

  1. I still think that Headline photo is one of your best. Absolutely beautiful work.

  2. All good Roberto, I like the detail in those Zeros.

  3. All beauties Roberto – and I too love the Pucara. I’ve got a 1/72 cued up to start soon.

  4. It’s hard to pick a favorite out of this bunch………….. all are works of art. The Corsair is my favorite plane, but the HS-123 looks very nice too.

  5. Well done, Roberto. The splinter camouflage on the HS-123 is quite well done and I look forward to seeing that one completed!

    All of them are great, especially the IA-58! I don’t know much about subs, but that camo looks very effective, I would imagine.

  6. I saw Roberto’s Pucara in Moson and it is just mindblowing. Especially if you take into account from what base he was able to make it. No wonder he had to take some time off it :D. Good work my friend!

  7. Well done Roberto, nice collection along with some really fine work.

  8. Fantastic work Roberto! Specialy love the Pucara, and like Greg still got one in 1/72 waiting in my stash.

  9. Always have a soft spot for Corsairs nicely done!

  10. That Pucara really looks awesome, as do other builds! Happy holidays and to productive 2018!

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