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As long as we’re talking about jacks….

December 27, 2017 in Aviation

Here’s one of 747-100’s on jacks for a retraction check at the Los Angeles maintenance base just before we retired the Whales in 1999. These normally weren’t done outside unless the hangars were full, which was probably the case here. There is a plumb bob and a gauge in the center wheel well to make sure the airplane was level as it went up.

Glad I don’t have to do that anymore!

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6 responses to As long as we’re talking about jacks….

  1. Nice photo! Wow, the largest thing that I was involved in jacking up was a C-9B

  2. Holy Weight-Bearing, Batman….now there’s some heavy-duty jackstands!

  3. How many jacks were used to hold up a 747 or other Jumbo Jets?

    • Five on the 747 – two under the nose, one under each wing and one on the tail. Four jacks for the narrowbody airplanes like a 727 or 737. If I remember correctly, each jack was 150 ton capacity, air over hydraulic powered. Jacking an airplane that big is an interesting operation, especially if you’re standing under it…

  4. Wow it would be bad enough if your car fell off the jack……

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