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Craft Tool Rack.

December 15, 2017 in Reviews

After seeing the DSPIAE Craft Tool Rack on the Internet a few weeks ago I thought I would treat myself, so I ordered one from Breveco Modelling.
It arrived very well packaged in a nice strong box. On opening, I found a bag of biscuits. Nice touch, thank you Breveco.

The tool rack comes in a well made box that can be used for storage should you wish to store it safely after use.

The box with a seasonal greeting sticker on.

The four main components and a bag of bits.

All the parts looked very well made.

The rack is very easy to assemble. The bottom case is held place with 3 screws (Allen Key provided).
I used masking tape when sticking the feet in place so as to keep them symmetrical.

The completed tool rack.

Examples of what can be stored in the rack.

Rack stored in box.

I thought the tool rack is very well made and of excellent quality. I found it heavy enough, that I could open the bottle of glue without the rack moving.
The rack cost €44.50 plus postage. Personally, l thought it was worth the money.

The link below is to Breveco should you wish to purchase one.

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14 responses to Craft Tool Rack.

  1. It’s really cool!
    sadly it’s too shiny for my desk like dump yard..

  2. I saw these guys at Telford and bought their sprue cutters, which are excellent – good to see the tool rack in use!

  3. Masking tape to line up the feet – LOL, you’re as OCD as I am!!!

  4. Looks cool. I’d need several.

  5. Wow this is very nice. I can see this being very useful for those who build on the go as well. Kinda spendy but cool.

  6. I couldn’t possibly use something that organized….not in MY “work area”. 🙂 🙂

  7. Very nice, and I like the red anodized finish.

  8. That’s nice to this here. Lovely couple from Breveco, we bump into each other several times as we live not to far from each otherl. Keep your eyes on their webstore as more is developing there.

  9. It’s very neat and easy to see where everything is.

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