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‘For the TIME’

December 10, 2017 in Diorama

The scene shows a freelance journalist taking a group photo of anti Gaddafi resistance on their technical. The photo will be on the front cover of the TIME magazine. I will be matting down everything, which I forgot to do before the these photos were taken.

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13 responses to ‘For the TIME’

  1. Charles, I’m thinking that the rear suspension is gonna give up the ghost pretty soon! Sometime after the first salvo…. My guess is it’s gonna scale over on the tandems, once it runs over the scales. Ha!

  2. Very nice work, Charles…..impressive to say the least.

  3. Nicely done Charles. Is the background real or a poster of some sort?

  4. Very nice build Charles, cool.

  5. Beautiful … just beautiful!

  6. Well done – another nice dio Charles.

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