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December 7, 2017 in Armor

Just finished the Hobbyboss LWS in 1/35. Very much an experiment in weathering techniques for me trying dot filters, oils and streaking to name but a few for the first time! Your commennts/critique is, therefore, welcome!

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12 responses to Landwasserschlepper

  1. Looks like you nailed those weathering experiments. I like it!

  2. Cool model, Derek! Very well made & finished. I’ve never seen that type of vehicle before, & I thought I’d seen about everything in Armor – or as my wife might spell it: armour!

    I wouldn’t mind have a real one myself! The ultimate RV – on roads; off roads, water capable. LoL!

  3. A crisp looking build, Derek. Very nice.

  4. Great, and unusual model. Weathering looks very convincing – I think you’ve got the basics of the techniques down well!

  5. It’s got a wonderful name, very descriptive. A really interesting looking piece of equipment that looks great especially with your “new” weathering techniques.

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