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Nissan GT-R ‘Z-Tune’

December 21, 2017 in Automotive

Well here’s a thing – not a race-car, not an ‘exotic’, not even a NASCAR, just a VERY fast limited edition (only 20 units (re)built) of one of the greatest cars you’ve never heard of !!

Not going to go in to the history of Nissan’s GT-R series it’s too long and too complicated, however I can tell you about the Tamiya kit:

It’s incredible. Like the 911 GT1 from a couple of weeks ago, it falls together with very little input from me. All I did was follow the construction & paint instructions, added Tamiya’s ‘Detail-Up’ set (a first for me and HIGHLY recommended) and that was pretty much it.

Yes the paint-scheme is all me – I wanted something to soften the brutish lines of the bodyshell, and I wanted to try using ‘Pearl’ paints – again a first. I love Tamiya rattle-cans, always work for me, and no exception this time.

This is now sitting on my daughters make-up table, and even tho’ she’s well grown-out of her ‘pink ‘n girlie’ phase she loves it and scolds any of her friends who make any move toward it !!

Next (car) project is already n the bench. Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone, see you in 2018.



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5 responses to Nissan GT-R ‘Z-Tune’

  1. I’ve definitely heard all about it! The Skyline R-34… the ultimate boy racer car! Nice build

  2. Nice job, my friend….last time I was at the Nissan dealership, I saw a similar GTR ‘whatever’ – talk about sticker shock : $104,000…!!

  3. Fun looking project and a creative paint job – nicely done!

  4. I always find it difficult to make a road car look cool, but this one is well below freezing, no wonder your daughter loves it.

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