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One off Tuesday Bulletin

December 11, 2017 in Photo Collections

Hi everybody, I’ve come across these pictures recently and wanted to share them with you as I know iModelers like looking at photographs, purely for research reasons of course. My nephew is currently at military college here and says he hasn’t seen anything similar. This is definitely a one off posting and is certainly not meant to be in any way competition for Rob’s excellent Friday bulletins. Thanks for looking, George

23 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to One off Tuesday Bulletin

  1. Quite the collection, George – some “interesting” photos in there, too. 🙂

  2. I´m sorry, but could someone please tell me what we are looking at? Asian soldiers and an assortment of aircraft without any specific connection? Or is it all just an excuse for showing female soldiers in quarter profile?

  3. Nice, but too many aircraft shots, ha ha.

  4. I think it’s always difficult to show mages related to a National military infrastructure without encompassing women soldiers/pilots.

    The fact that they have a particular phyisiogomy I think is widely accepted and doesn’t denigrate their patriotic commitment, provided it’s within the context of the genre.

    Not to do so would invite double standards whereby we would never promote images of male soldiers in physical training or on active duty in theatres of operations, or indeed promote otherwise healthy images of young, fit soldiers at work or at play, which increases our understanding of military culture in the wider sense, adding to a deeper appreciation that can translate into more accurate/interesting modelling projects.

    Otherwise, we would view all in isolation, to our educational detriment; not everything is about Spitfire cockpit colours….

    Thanks to George for sharing these unusual images; I’m sure we’d never have seen them elsewhere.

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