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THE FRYING PAN CHALLENGE! Part 3. Fuselage and wings.

December 22, 2017 in Aviation

A german high quality virus halted the build for almost a week and ruined three days of skiing vacation, but today I got going again.

The clear parts didn’t really fit as one would wish, so some putty and sanding was required.

With that done, I could finally glue the wings and the stabilizers in place.

The results of the first test flights were very promising.
Happy holidays and keep building.

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16 responses to THE FRYING PAN CHALLENGE! Part 3. Fuselage and wings.

  1. Very nice Ulf, how you found out the virus being German by the way? 🙂

  2. Hahahahaha! Stubborn German virus! Are you at the Zugspitze? It’s the ONLY place I’ve ever skiied & it was several decades ago.

    Glad you’re over the virus. Enjoy your vacation & have a Merry Christmas!

  3. The virus wants some pan action! Keep going Ulf, you are winning the race!

  4. Ulf, hope you’re feeling better! Bad time to be sick, not that there’s a good time! Merry Christmas and a Happy and panless New Year.

  5. Looking good. Don’t think I’ve seen the mid fuselage windows like that before. I’m used to seeing the long skinny one down the side. (Although the way the plane is built, they could have made the whole side one big window! Would’ve been great for S&R!) Looks like they did a nice job on the taut fabric between the stringers!

  6. That penultimate photo cries out “mad scientist”, doesn’t it?

  7. Ulf, that last photo…it looks like you’ve over come the virus but, the kid in side is alive and well. It’s rumored to be a social disease that affects most male adult modelers. Which explains why so few of the better half show up at hobby stores. Usually, under duress under the pretense of having to buy a gift. Like the challenge and the progress photos. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing that kid inside.

  8. Wow that’s a lot of filler Ulf, how are you finding the build ?

  9. If my goal was to build a historically accurate and well detailed model, I would have used up all my foul language in Swedish, English and German by now. Or I could have considered it an interesting and difficult challenge.

    However, since this is about building something that looks reasonably like a Wellington and to have as much fun on the way as possible, I have no big problems with the shortcomings of the kit. I correct the worst of them and go on.

    It is by no means a modern high quality kit, but it’s far better than an old Airfix, Revell or Heller kit.

  10. Having fun is the most important part, Ulf, glad you’ve over your illness (I’ve been struck by suspected food poisoning here, so no Christmas dinner for me!).

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