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Z-M 32nd A-1J Skyraider

December 2, 2017 in Aviation

Had this one for a little while and got a little burnt out on Phantoms, so I decided to go ahead and add it to the Z-M Navy version I’d done way back when (I think it was my first ever iModeler post come to think of it). Anyhow, pretty much the same kit – and [unfortunately] consists of the mistakes I made the first time 🙁
All in all, a very well engineered kit with very little difficulties encountered other than my own. The wing-fold assembly process is a little tricky if ya haven’t done it before, but it works. The ordinance is from Z-M’s weapons kit No. 2 (I still had some left from their original version, but wanted something different). The paint scheme is, of course, done with some imaginative masking techniques and all “rattled-canned”.

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34 responses to Z-M 32nd A-1J Skyraider

  1. Looks great to me buddy. Did you ever get to see the ones that were in New Smyrna several years ago ???

  2. I really like it Craig – loving the foldable wings and the scheme. Just reread your rattle can tutorial – so great to see it in action to great effect again!

  3. Beautifully done, Craig. One of my new favorites of yours. Really handsome work!

  4. Hi Craig,
    Looks very good in a bright sun.
    Can fold the wings, does it have a working engine also?
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  5. It’s funny but I think we all have a kind of modelling fingerprint, as soon as I logged on and saw the photo I knew it was one of yours, Craig , I can’t do it every time but some of us who’ve been part of this site from the early days seem to have a certain something that’s recognisable ,I don’t know if it’s how we finish our builds or how we photograph them or what ,whatever it is this is a nice build and should look great in your display,well done.

  6. Great job! Must huge in that scale.

  7. That looks to me to be a big complicated mother of a kit & well done by the way!

  8. Thank you, Marek…the kit IS pretty big in that scale, but it’s not really all that “complicated” – just a little more (and here’s that phrase again)..”over-engineered”, which seems to be typical of those Z-M kits, regardless of the scale. However, the fit is [almost] flawless and the detail(s) are above average, somewhat on a par with Tamiya – at least in MY opinion.

  9. Craig, nice work on what has to be a beast on the ol’ model shelf. A very attractive paint scheme, and who doesn’t love all that ordnance. Very cool !

  10. Very nice build Craig, at least you can fold the wings and keep some space in the display cabinet. I like.

  11. I like this one, Craig, in fact I think the US Army colours really suit it very well. You’ve cleverly managed to keep the area where the exhaust staining might be in the shade……… mmmm, good idea!

  12. Lovely Spad Craig, I always like the SEA scheme, and as pointed out by the others plenty of “Real estate” movers.
    Well done sir.

  13. Well cough, sputter, veroom, that’s a good looking Spad. And who in their right doesn’t like Spads?

  14. Very nice Craig! Nice to see you take on a propeller-wielding project again after all those illustrious Phantoms!

  15. Outstanding, Craig. As you said, what’s not to like about a SPAD?!

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