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My builds for 2017

January 1, 2018 in Photo Collections

Here is my nine builds for 2017. all 1/48 kits and allot more to come in 2018 🙂

25994908_10213628810007441_7771720508216428877_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

25659902_10213628810807461_4874212588855280808_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

25591778_10213628811167470_7448211936638231507_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

25591776_10213628811967490_1168890190340984743_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

25552377_10213628810407451_325639601306514434_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

25552177_10213628812247497_1712165414472153707_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

25552073_10213628811487478_3810851604595952973_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr


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7 responses to My builds for 2017

  1. Nicely finished – one and all, Brian. good work! 🙂

  2. Very nice work, and i do love the Skyraider!

  3. Nicely done Brian, excellent collection along with some outstanding detailed work.

  4. The skyraider so much looks like a ‘spad’ out of the ‘Nam times… Great year!

  5. Very well done Brian. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite since they all look fantastic.

  6. All built to a consistently high standard, a good year, Brian, here’s to 2018.

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