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R.I.P. John Young

January 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Gemini III, Gemini X, Apollo X, Apollo XVI, STS1 & STS9. He was on the first manned Gemini mission, walked on the moon and the commander on the first Space Shuttle mission. In his more mortal duties he flew planes like the Cougar, the Super Crusader and set two time to climb records in an F-4 Phantom. Seriously someone to look up to.

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8 responses to R.I.P. John Young

  1. R.I.P. John, you were one of my childhood heroes.

  2. I saw him take off from the Cape, when he Commanded the first shuttle mission……… what a sight to behold.

    I’ll never forget it. Our High School principle actually granted the whole school the day off to all of the pupils, so we could go down to the Cape and watch the historically significant launch………. Live and in person……….

    He will be missed………… RIP Commander Young. Blue Skies Sir !!!!

  3. Sad news indeed….you will be missed, sir. 🙁

  4. RIP & God Bless, John Young. You were truly an inspiration.

  5. RIP sir, a true American hero.

  6. One of the great explorers, RIP John Young.

  7. A real space traveler, Fair winds a following seas, sir.

  8. Sad news!! R.I.P John Young. He was a true hero and a testament to an era in which there were no limits to what the US could achieve!!

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