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May I kindly ask for your support

First off all this is going to be a bit of an off topic article, but I want to share some of my intentions with you modeler community. I am a 18 yo young modeler from Turkey and I also have my facebook page,
i shared some of my work here and got some pretty nice comments from you so ı assumed that you liked what you’ve seen. I also share my work on my facebook page but I need support in other words modelers to follow my page this is the biggest help and support I can receive about my work. I am also forking as a scale modeler for a museum nearly full time now and studying history at the university also a am trying to have an sponsorship deal with ammo of mig but it probably it will result negatively due to lack of community of my facebook page recently aim investing in taking better photos of my models to share and show off my work appropriately so long story short ill leave the ling for my facebook page down for anyone instructed and this article can be deleted if it’ll be classified as inappropriate thanks in advance.
Best, Adilcan

11 responses to May I kindly ask for your support

  1. Adilcan, I love your work, but I don’t ‘do’ Facebook. And won’t. But I wish you well and hope you are successful.

  2. I’ve “Liked” your site. Very nice, Adilcan. I don’t do much on FB, but I go there occasionally.

  3. FB, that’s ‘Fighter Bomber’, yes?

  4. As David said, no FB here either, but good luck in the future my friend.

  5. I live in China, Facebook, Twitter etc are not available here. You could try opening a We Chat account which is what I use.

  6. Thank you anyway gentlemans ☺️

  7. Very nice work Adilcan, I do FB and had a look, will add later.
    Keep up the good work young sir and the best of luck with your studies.

  8. Sorry Adilcan, I appreciate your contributions here at imodeler but I don’t have a FB page (deliberate choice). Good luck to you!

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