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Hiding From the Jabos!

Hi All,
While I’m procrastinating to get some newer projects photographed, I’d like to share this “late in the war” diorama, including a 1/48 Tamiya, Fw-190D and Kubelwagen, I completed 10-15 years ago. I hope you like it and I hope you do not mind me submitting older projects.
Keep on modeling!

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses to Hiding From the Jabos!

  1. Hey – it’s not old if it’s never been posted here before! Adding old build to your post blog here creates a great reference file for the rest of us.

    That’s some great modeling – love the detail work and highlights on the models, and a lovely diorama to give it all context.

  2. Interesting and very well executed idea. Captures that desperation at the end of war; all that trouble to hide one aircraft.

  3. Like Greg said….it ain’t “old” if we’ve not seen it yet….thanks for posting it. I like it.

  4. Beautiful! How did you make the trees? They look very realistic.

    • Thanks Michel! the trees were made by tapering wood dowels, roughed up with a rasp to represent bark, lots of holes drilled in which the limbs were glued. I apologize I don’t recall what i used for the limbs but some form of dried vegetation.

  5. As Greg said, it’s new to us.

    Nice work. A very interesting diorama setting.

  6. Incredible work, really. Understated but powerfully put forth. That you scratch built the trees is especially impressive.

  7. Hi, great work! I really like the trees, what are they made of? Roman.

  8. Beautiful FW190 & KW diorama, Gary. I spent a LOT of time in German woods in/on my M1 tanks. Your trees have gotten a lot of comments, but I’ll add this: your trees in the dio look amazingly like the thousands of trees I stared at and lived under while parked in small groups of trees where we “hid” our tanks during various field exercises near the old East/West German border while with the 11th Cavalry out of Fulda, W. Germany. I say “hid” in quotes because sometimes trying to hide our tank was rather like trying to hide a whale in a delicatessen!


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