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Been modeling since I was 8. My father got me involved and it’s been my number one hobby all this time. I’am 60 now and have begun to pull away from 1/72 (to small) 1/32nd “looks” real good now! I’ve been working in the hobby field for almost 30 years.
As a artist and designer for hobby magazines an illustrator for books and even a stint as an assistant manager at a hobby shop. Love to build everything, aviation and armor being top now.

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Started 2016, first finished 2017

Nice kit, typical Tamyia, add glue, shake box, done! Parts breakdown was interesting, track, rollers, drive gear all one piece. Gave me a chance to use Panzer Putty to mask with and it worked great. Didn’t pull off any paint […]

Big Bertha wip

Ahh lunch breaks 1 down 1 to go. Each wheel is 28 pieces. And then Sand, sand, sand, blow dust, sand, sand, sand,,repeat…

Big Bertha is biiigggg

What I’m working on at the moment. It’s Takom’s 1/35 scale WW1 artillery piece. Nice kit, fit is good, details are crisp. The stands all have holes in the tread plate molded all the way through. The kit is somewhat […]

Russian T5 torpedo boat

This is the Merit 1/35 scale kit. It’s been quite awhile since I posted anything or finished anything but here we go. The kit was a very nice build, no flash or ejector pin marks tha show up. The hull […]

Typhoon update

Closed up, landing gear details, filling and sanding next. Might have to take out a lone to pay for all the paint for this thing!

Airfix 1/24 Typhoon Lots of PARTS

Starting to look like sumpin. Lots of scraping and sanding, but the plastic is soft so it goes fast!

D Day build stopping the Beaufighter (lost interest) going to build this L4

Needed a fresh start I still have time so here we go!

Base done, olive drab coat on the Huey

This is the Verlinden helo base with a Hobby Boss UH-1C that I added the weapons mounts and 40mm grenade launcher “borrowed” from the Monogram hog kit. Still working on the D-Day Beaufighter too! Can’t just do 1 thing at […]

1/32 scale HE 162, No longer a WIP

The Revell of Germany rerelease. Always liked the lines on this fighter and having been a VW nut (“the peoples car”) why wouldn’t I like the Volksjager (“peoples fighter”) This was a great kit for the money, this is OOB […]

Repost with finished base

Sorry to post again, but this is the first base/ground cover I’ve ever done! Thanks Mr.Mike R for the help. I’ve found something thats almost as much fun as modeling so there are more bases that will be made! (May […]

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