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Retired (’06) Florida Corrections Officer Sgt., DOB 7-19-46, residing in Port Orange, FL, and a New England (MA) transplant in ’85, married (Joan), one son, (Chris, a border patrol agent in AZ), and a life-long modeler. Main area of interest is aircraft (40’s – 60’s), although some of the ‘newer’ stuff still catches my eye now and then. I’ve also done NASCAR, armor and a few “floaty things” just for some diversity.
Builds I have NO interest in are airplanes with more than one wing and/or rigging, boats that have sails (and/or rigging) and figures (I suck at painting any kind of figures). Like to travel, am a fair photographer, weekly (or in some cases, ‘weakly’) poker player and an excellent couch potato – my TV time is extensive when not doing “Mr. Mom” stuff or modelin’. My email is: [email protected]

Accurate Miniatures 1/48th TBM-3 Avenger

Despite having built two of these in the past, that ball turret still gave me fits during assembly. BUT… thank goodness for pre-cut masks (it’s almost a must-have on this kit). This is the first one where I opened the […]

HB 1/48th F6F-3 Hellcat

Having nothing to build of late, my eagerness to complete this kit produced my [usual] “hurry up-ness” mistakes here and there – hopefully, some creative photography hid them from those ‘prying eyes’. 🙂 This is the Hobby Boss offering and […]

1/48th scale Stuka (added pic)

I’m pretty sure this post from some time back meets the requirements for the group build. Although the colors may be incorrect (?), the airplane certainly played a role in the BoB. This was, I believe, an inexpensive Revell offering, […]

1/32nd Tamiya Spitfire

Although this was completed prior to Seamus’ group build suggestion (and has been previously posted), it “fits the bill” for the BoB group build. As with all Tamiya kits, this was an easy and stress-free project. I couldn’t get the […]

BoB/BoF group build…

Yet another example of an old build that’s no longer “hanging around”. This 1/48th scale Heinkel bomber turned out fairly well and was a great dust collector for quite a while. Any further information/details have long since been erased from […]

1/32nd Me-109

Another old kit no longer in the inventory. I believe this was a Hasegawa offering, but again, I’m not sure. The camo was sprayed from the rattle cans using my tried and true method of using either a draped cloth […]

Revell (?) 1/32nd Spitfire

This is one of the first models I completed after getting back into the hobby some 15 years ago. The camo is painted free-hand (something I rarely do), but it turned out satisfactorily – at least for me. I’ve no […]

BoB entry…1/32nd Revell (?) Hurricane

Unfortunately, I no longer have this model and this was the only pic I had of it. I can’t even venture a guess as to the manufacturer. I have a couple of others to post as well (a Spitfire and […]

1/48th A-7E Corsair II (edited)

This is the rather awful Revell (old Aurora) kit disguised as a Corsair II. It takes it’s [rightful] place among other Navy jets of the era (I didn’t have one of these). The fit wasn’t all THAT bad, but the […]

Revell/Matchbox 48th AD-5/A1-E Skyraider

Well, here it is – for better or worse (mostly worse), but I did the best I could with what I had to work with 🙁 I certainly wasn’t gonna spend any more money on after market stuff for THIS […]