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This hobby that we indulge in is just amazing, we build, in scale, replicas of the original, look at references and pictures and read the History to create the model as accurately as we can, we even try to tell a story in diorama’s. How many late nights, long hours we dedicate in the pursuit of the elusive “perfect model”.
I am a 51 year old Project Manager that loves Flying and Aircraft, I have a wonderful Wife and Daughter, and this Hobby, I am Blessed. I build Aircraft in 1/32 scale and I have built a few aircraft in 1/24 scale, from WW2 to the Vietnam era. I am also very much into scratch building 1/32 scale civil aircraft.

Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 8

Well in the spirit of Rob Anderson, I decided to have a craft beer while I was taking pictures for part 8 of this build, I picked up a few bottles of beer when my Wife and I, as well […]

Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 7

Been doing some building, and really enjoying myself, This is what I have been up to, Detailed the wheel wells, added some pluming, I can’t seem to find much on the PC 21 on the net, I did find the […]

Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 6

Well back at the bench, with all the things going on, I thought I would sit down and take my mind off things, so I decided to start with the wings, and this is what I have done so far. […]

The Model of the month Prize for November has arrived…….At Last.

I arrived back home from the Congo last night after an unintended stay of 4 weeks, needless to say, I was absolutely finished from all the traveling and suffering from extreme withdrawal symptoms from a lack of building. Also, I […]

Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 5

Here we go again, did some major work the last few days, as well as spend time with my Family, which was great, so its off to the DRC tomorrow with a stop over in Johannesburg, then an early departure […]

Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build, Part 4

Here we go again, I did quite a lot of work since the last post, I want to get some build time in before I make another trip to the DRC, so this is what I have done since the […]

Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build, Part 3.

Well, here is part 3 of the build, things are moving quite swiftly and needless to say I am having some serious fun. Apart from my husband duties, like going to the beach and chatting with the Wife, I have […]

Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 scale Scratch Built, Part 2

Well after all the Christmas food, I decided that I need some exercise, so I got back to work. Here are the steps I took to get to where I am now, this has taken about a day and a […]

Part 1. Pilatus PC Mk 21, 1/32 scale, Scratch Build

Here are the first build pictures of the PC Mk 21, What I did first was trace all the rib sections and fuselage halves onto tracing paper and transfer them to a sheet of plastic card. Once I completed that […]

2017 A Year in review

I was looking at Rob’s Post, and I actually thought that I built a few models, I actually only built 2…………..Quite shabby if I must say so. I was a great year, I tried scratch building, and I really enjoyed […]