Modeling by Morne Meyer


Beechcraft T-34 C Turbo Mentor

by Morne Meyer on October 8, 2016 in Aviation -- 20 Comments

I am posting this 1/48 scale Turbo Mentor on behalf of a fellow club member of mine, Dean Winfield. (I am not sure if I am allowed to upload on behalf of someone, so if I am breaking any iModeler […]


IPMS South Africa Nationals

by Morne Meyer on October 3, 2016 in Show Reports -- 7 Comments

Some more photos to augment those posted by Marc.


F 4 Phantom Group Build

by Morne Meyer on February 17, 2016 in Aviation -- 20 Comments

My contribution for the group build will be Academy’s F 4B dressed up in Vagabond decals for VF 84’s SEA 1965 cruise. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Aires cockpit set to add some spice to an excellent kit.


F-100 D Super Sabre

by Morne Meyer on March 1, 2015 in Aviation -- 48 Comments

This is Monogram’s classic Super Sabre in 1/48 scale. It is typical 70’s and 80’s Monogram with raised panel detail and good detail ie. open gun bay ammo chute, open speed brake and raised cockpit details. This model represents an […]


Blast from the past

by Morne Meyer on January 12, 2015 in Aviation -- 58 Comments

Recently my 9 year old daughter, Micaela, expressed an interest in building a model aircraft. I managed to get hold of the exact same model kit that I built back in 1982 as my first model when I was 10, […]


Republic F 105 D Thunderchief

by Morne Meyer on December 23, 2014 in Aviation -- 31 Comments

This is the classic Monogram Thud in 1/48 scale. The model depicts the Thud flown by Capt. Peter Foley on 13 March 1968. This Thud belonged to the 469th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing. The 469th […]


B-1B Lancer

by Morne Meyer on November 20, 2014 in Aviation -- 33 Comments

This is Revell/Monogram’s gigantic 1/48 scale rendition of arguably the most aesthetically pleasing bomber to emerge from the Cold War, the Rockwell B-1 B Lancer. This model is depicted in a typical 1980’s wrap around colour scheme of dark green, […]


Huey Hog gunship

by Morne Meyer on November 1, 2014 in Aviation -- 25 Comments

This build was inspired by a scene from the movie WE WERE SOLDIERS, where Huey gunships fly in low to unleash rockets at the advancing NVA. The kit is the Academy/MRC 1/35 scale Huey Hog in the colours of the […]


Cessna A-37B Dragonfly

by Morne Meyer on October 6, 2014 in Aviation -- 30 Comments

The A-37B Dragonfly was one of those unsung heroes of the Vietnam air war. Over shadowed by more glamorous jets like the Phantom, Crusader, Super Sabre and Thunderchief, the A-37 was deployed to Vietnam to replace the F-100 and B-57. […]


Sukhoi Su-34 Platypus

by Morne Meyer on October 4, 2014 in Aviation -- 37 Comments

This is Italeri’s 1/72 scale rendition of arguably the deadliest of the Sukhoi design bureau’s fabulous Flankers. The side-by-side seating Su-27 variants are radical developments of the original Flanker interceptor. The Su-27 IB, Su-32 FN and Su-34 are dedicated tactical […]