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Like to scratch-build scale model horse drawn vehicles, I try to make the finished models as close to “historically accurate” as I can, just not really into anything associated with death and destruction. Have been known to build a couple of cannons though, just to piss off a few – “know it all’s”.

Shand Mason Steam Driven Water Pumper 1/12th scale Scratchbuilt

Shand Mason Steam Driven Water Pumper. Made from the drawings by Edgar.T.Westbury to 1/12th scale For those that like to make things that are based on ‘death and destruction’, then this is NOT for you, this model is based on the exact opposite[...]

Kenworth W 924 S.A.R. with 4 row of 4 Low Loader and 2 row of 4 Dolly – 1/16th scale

Here's something that was made 30 years ago, strange thing is, that NOBODY has ever made a better 1/16th scale Kenworth model in ALL those years. My opinion only, others may agree or disagree. Lot's of 1/16th trucks have been made, but they are [...]

1/12th scale Country Storekeepers Waggon – Scratchbuilt

Country Storekeepers Wagon Here’s a 1/12th scale scratchbuilt model of a Country Storekeepers Waggon. It has been made from the OLD original working drawings, that were first published in ‘The Coachbuilder and Wheelwright”, July 1908, drawn b[...]

Making Scale Model Wooden Spoked Wheels

Here's just one way that I can make Wooden Spoked Wheels. I start with the drawing/s of the model I want to make, I scale the drawings to the exact scale I'm going to make the model, this way I only have to take direct measurements from any of t[...]

1/12th scale Omnibus 16 Passenger

I started this model from an OLD original working drawing by J.E.Bishop, printed in “The Australasian Coachbuilder and Saddler” published in October 1896. I saw a couple of these vehicles on TV in an old short movie clip about Brisbane, Qld. I [...]